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Assessor Evidence and eDofE

posted 16 May 2012, 07:16 by Peter Knight
One of the recent changes to the functionality of eDofE has been to ensure that one piece of evidence that a participant has successfully completed a section has been provided by the assessor for that section. This has been a change to eDofE, but not a change in requirements for participants completing the Award.

In short, for each section one piece of evidence needs to be provided showing start date, end date, commitment to the activity over the timescales, and achievement of goals (either personal improvement or help to others). This is known as 'assessor evidence'. This could typically be provided by an image of the appropriate pages of the participant's Keeping Track booklet; however other formats which meet the evidence requirements are equally acceptable. Please ensure that any evidence loaded into eDofE is legible, especially where it is an image of handwritten pages.

At present there are three ways in which evidence can be loaded into eDofE:
  1. The participant loads the evidence into eDofe him/herself. One piece of evidence can be flagged as 'assessor evidence'. As with all evidence it needs to be reviewed and approved by the leader of the group.
  2. Assessor evidence can be loaded from the DofE website. This does not require an eDofe login for the assessor, but the assessor will need to know the eDofE-ID (the unique 6 digit number allocated to every participant upon registration). After the assessor has input the evidence the participant's leader receives an alert and can review / approve the evidence prior to it being added to the participant's evidence portfolio. This is applicable not only for the expedition section, but the other sections too.
  3. The leader can add evidence on behalf of participants, using the 'Add evidence' function within 'Manage Participants'. This is especially useful where there may be evidence that is applicable to several participants who may have completed a section as part of a team. Again this could be marked as 'assessor evidence'. Evidence added by this route still needs to be specifically approved by a leader.
Sections now cannot be signed off within eDofE as being complete without one piece of evidence being flagged as assessor evidence.

Should you have any queries regarding this, or need help with any other aspect of the eDofE system , then please contact Andy Pope.