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A Very Successful First Year!

posted 28 Jun 2017, 12:01 by Peter Knight
The Oxfordshire Open Award charity has completed its first year of operation, having taken over the running of the Award for open groups in the county from Oxfordshire County Council.

Our first year's highlights are as follows:
  • We transferred in many participants who had started their award with Oxfordshire County Council and would otherwise have been unable to complete. In addition the charity has enabled 39 new bronze, 19 new silver and 11 new gold participants to start.
  • During the year 22 bronze, 6 silver and 5 gold participants completed their awards - none of whom would have been able to do so without our assistance.
  • Regular meetings have been established for the benefit of the participants in both Abingdon and Kidlington. We also have a 'Virtual Centre' for participants elsewhere in the county.
  • We have taken over and relocated the DofE equipment store, enabling all DofE groups in Oxfordshire to borrow expedition kit for a nominal fee.
  • We have established a hardship fund for those in need of financial assistance to complete their award.
  • We have organised a number of First Aid courses for Oxfordshire DofE leaders, and have run some Lowland Leader Award courses for new leaders.
We are very proud of these achievements! Looking forward the future looks good, with a growing membership and a steady demand for the provision of DofE
award opportunities. It is expected that years 2 and 3 will be seen as consolidation ones, with the view to ensuring sustainability and viability into the mid and long term.

Many thanks to all our volunteers for such a successful year!