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DofE Completion Rates for 2014-2015

posted 10 Feb 2015, 05:22 by Peter Knight
We are currently reviewing completions this year in preparation of the annual submission to the SE Region, which will be collected electronically from eDofE.
Nationally, the charity is aiming for a 50% completion rate, which is made up from all the data submitted by Licenced Organisations like ourselves. Last year, we were very near this target at 47% but are currently sitting below this. After analysing eDofE we have noticed that it would be possible to achieve this if some of the following actions are undertaken:
  • Clear any outstanding alerts
  • Encourage participants to log in and upload any evidence they have which would enable them to complete (some people just need one piece of evidence to complete their award)
  • Some participants just need to add in an aim and goal for their expedition section to complete their award
  • Some gold participants just need to complete the Gold Award Presentation tab (GAP) and submit the award
  • Any awards created before January 2013 will have an ‘achieved off line’ function ( AOL) inside their profile. If this is the case and their evidence has been signed off in a book then this can simply be achieved without any eveidence being uploaded
The easiest way to view the above in one place is by following the instructions below:
  1. Log in to eDofE
  2. Select ‘Manage Participants’ then ‘Participant overview’
  3. Select ‘All’ for both Group and Status
  4. A list of all your participants will appear.
  5. Scroll down the names looking for any opportunities to complete awards (e.g. an alert needs approving, one section just needs evidence added etc.)
  6. If you have approved any assessors evidence, then please click the ‘Directly Approve’ button at the bottom left of the ‘section detail’ tab
In the current climate of cuts to Local Authorities, data is being looked at carefully, so any support you can give us to maintain our completion rates would be much appreciated.
To get young people motivated and taking some responsibility for this, we will be e-mailing all participants directly to encourage them to log in and focus on any outstanding sections.