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DofE Operating Agreement

posted 24 Mar 2014, 09:10 by Peter Knight
We have updated our Operating Agreement to bring this in line with our 3 yearly Operating Licence Renewal cycle.

If a Centre's Coordinator or Head of Establishment changes during this period, we will require a new agreement to be signed, so that all parties are aware of their responsibilities.

Please read the document as it outlines what we expect from our DofE Centres operating under our Licence and what we provide to you.

The following action is required immediately: Please sign the Operating Agreement and forward this to your Head Teacher/Hub Manager/Principal or Head of Establishment. It must be counter signed by them and returned from their e-mail account to or posted to Richard Aldridge by 30th April 2014.

(Any not received by this date will place a temporary ‘freeze’ on your right to operate under our Operating Authority Licence).