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Expedition Forms for 2014

posted 19 Feb 2014, 05:26 by Peter Knight   [ updated 19 Feb 2014, 05:48 ]
The expedition forms relevant for the 2014 season are now available for download from the Forms page.

As well as the latest versions of the Expedition Notification - Monitoring Form and the Generic Risk Assessment, there are also two new documents:
  • Qualifications Matrix: This summarises the minimum leadership qualifications and leader-to-group ratios that must be adhered to for all expeditions that are to be approved by Oxfordshire DofE. We have made changes to the required ratio of qualified leaders to groups for local expeditions. This will mean that groups will need to have fewer qualified staff to be able to run at Bronze level, and validates those who have lots of experience but no qualification.
  • Oxfordshire Expedition Area Assessment Criteria: Following on from above, if your expedition is to take place in Oxfordshire or within 10km of the county border, you may use as assistant supervisors some leaders or helpers who do not hold any formal outdoor qualifications (perhaps they have done a training course but not an assessment). It is now a requirement that an ML holder (or one of Oxfordshire DofE's staff) completes this form for each of these leaders to confirm to the Operating Authority that the person has the minimum level of skills and experience required to fulfil the role of assistant supervisor safely.