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Operational Changes to Registration Process

posted 14 Mar 2012, 07:43 by Peter Knight

Oxfordshire DofE Operating Authority has sent out the following message about changes to the way in which registration places, certificates and badges are to be ordered:

We will be introducing some operational changes to the registration process, which will be phased in from receipt of this e-mail. These will help us to ensure that eDofE is being used fully by centres and assist you as leaders registering participants.

Participation places/registrations

The process for applying for participation places and ‘Welcome Packs’ through the Operating Authority will essentially remain the same.

However, invoices will now come directly to the Operating Authority and we will re invoice you for the number of places/packs you have purchased plus postage costs detailed by ASL Ltd and the Oxfordshire participant levy of £5 per ‘Welcome Pack’/registration. This will apply to all packs at point of ordering and will mean that we will no longer need to send out annual invoices each year. You will have recently received an invoice from us covering the period January 2011 – December 2011. Therefore, we will not be invoicing centres for the Oxfordshire levy on any packs purchased between January 2012 to this point. (The levy will be applied for any orders from this point forward).

Leaders will be able to load new participants on to eDofE in the usual way, or if you would like us to do this for you, please send us a spread sheet with the young person’s surname, first name, D.O.B, award level and groupings (e.g. Bronze 2012 group) and e-mail address. We will then load these on for you within a 2 week period (the start date will be from receipt of your e-mail).

It is essential that all participants are registered on eDofE in the future so that we can make use of the new ‘on line’ reporting options. Data collection is extremely important to us and will help to maintain the long term survival of the award in Oxfordshire. You should also be aware that any participants that are not registered will not be covered by the insurance provided by the scheme. The complete ‘off line’ option still requires participants to be registered on eDofE.

Issuing of certificates and badges

In light of the above, we will only order certificates and badges for the number of participants registered and approved as completing through eDofE.

For people who have an old bronze or silver book, you will need to request additional certificates at point of ordering. We will also hold a small supply of certificates to cover any spoilt or damaged certificates that may need replacing due to printing errors etc. The gold completion process will remain the same via the GA6 Gold Notification form and evidence will either be checked on eDofE or via books.

Best wishes

Richard Aldridge