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Spaces left on Gold Canoeing Expeditions

posted 24 Mar 2015, 03:50 by Peter Knight
We have just received the following information about an opportunity for four people to join practice and qualifying Gold canoeing expeditions with Chipping Norton School.

The expeditions will be run by a team of qualified professionals at OceanRock Adventure. Participants will learn how to travel by canoe safely whilst being supervised during the practice expedition. The assessed portion will begin with a recap on the safety procedures before students commence their journey.

Both the practice and the assessed expeditions will be run in and around the Brecon Beacons along the River Wye and the River Severn. The dates for the expeditions are:
  • Practice expedition 7th – 10th April
  • Assessed expedition 17th – 21st July
The training day has passed and we have two teams set up. You would be joining one of these teams and contact information will be exchanged so that information, such as food provision, can be exchanged before the practice expedition.

The total cost of the expeditions will be £470 and the payment of this has been broken down in to these deadlines:

Practice 1 - £160 due April 7th
Practice 2 - £100 due April 17th
Assessed - £210 due July 10th

Total - £470

This includes the cost of borrowing the relevant equipment; food is not included for either expedition although students will be given training on appropriate foods to take with them.

Please contact Charlotte Della at Chipping Norton School ( if you are interested in joining this opportunity.