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For full information about The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, your first point of contact should be the official DofE website.

Oxfordshire Open Award

Andy Pope

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Oxfordshire is primarily run through a number of DofE Centres - schools and other self-governing organisations - that hold their own DofE operating licence (Directly Licensed Centres, or DLCs). In addition to the DLCs, a new charity, Oxfordshire Open Award, has been set up by a group of experienced Oxfordshire DofE volunteers, to run a county-wide Operating Authority to hold the DofE licence for open groups and individual participants not attached to a DLC.

Please direct all enquiries about the DofE in Oxfordshire, including requests to enrol with Oxfordshire Open Award, to the following e-mail address:

General Enquiries
E-mail: enquiries@oxfordshiredofe.org.uk (please see below)

Website Administration

PLEASE NOTE We are aware that sometimes our 'enquiries' and 'chair' e-mail addresses appear to be blocked from certain domains (including oxon.sch.uk). This is due to a problem with btinternet.com not accepting mail from e-mail forwarders, which is how these e-mail addresses have been set up. If you are trying to contact us by e-mail and get an 'undeliverable e-mail' message, please send to this address instead and your message will be forwarded appropriately.

Andy Pope, Oxfordshire Open Award DofE Manager

Oxfordshire Open Award Centres

Our Operating Authority Licence
The following Centres run under the Oxfordshire Open Award operating licence. Please follow the links for full details.

Other Open Award groups may be set up across the county if there is sufficient demand. Please contact us and let us know!

DofE South East Region

Oxfordshire is within the DofE South East Region. The Region's contact details, noticeboard, training programme and standard booking form may be found on the DofE Website.

Other DofE Centres within Oxfordshire

The map below shows the locations of the DofE Centres within Oxfordshire.

If you attend a school and would like to enrol onto the Award, firstly look on the map to see if your school has a DofE group. If it does not, you might consider joining one of the Open Award Groups also shown on the map, and listed above. Please contact the group directly, or via the Oxfordshire Open Award Operating Authority at the e-mail address at the top of this page for further information.

Green pointers - Open Groups licensed through Oxfordshire Open Award

Circle markers - Directly Licensed Centres operating independently of the Oxfordshire Open Award DofE licence:
  • Red - schools/colleges
  • Green - other groups
Please inform the webmaster if any of the information shown on the map is inaccurate!

Oxfordshire DofE Centres