This page contains up to date copies of all forms required for use by groups working under the Oxfordshire Open Award Operating Authority, plus links to a few from the DofE Head Office.

With the exception of the Oxfordshire Open Award Enrolment Form and the Skills Map, most of these forms are for the use of DofE Group leaders and expedition venture leaders - not participants.

Underlined links Simply click on a link to download the form. In some cases this will instead take you to the external site that hosts the form.

DofE Skills Map

A 'Skills Map' has been produced to help participants to reflect on the skills they have gained from each section of the award. The map can be used for each level by participants as an evaluation tool or simply as a record of what they have achieved. This is now included in a new brochure sent to all Gold completions with their badge/brooch, with a particular emphasis on using this information when preparing CVs, UCAS applications and as evidence to use at interviews.

Expedition Notification Forms

  • Green Form - for DofE Expedition Network notification (click here for the Expedition Network areas)

  • Blue Form - for expeditions abroad (note: a TVP/E147 form is also required)

  • Red Form - this is NO LONGER a requirement for expeditions in the White Peak (Peak District) area

Achieving an Award

Expedition Assessor Accreditation

Information about the Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme and all relevant forms and guidance notes are available from the DofE website.

To renew your Assessor Accreditation (due every five years), send the Re-accreditation Application Form EAAS/8 ( click on 'EAAS pre-requirements' and scroll down to the bottom of the section).

All people wishing to assess for a group outside of their usual Centre/Licensed Organisation must complete an Expedition Assessors Registration Form EAAS/12 to register with the new LO.

Expedition Assessment Forms

The following forms may be useful to record the assessment process:

Other Forms and Documents

  • Form TVP/E147 - this form must be completed for ALL expeditions overseas, whether the Centre is connected to Oxfordshire County Council or not.

  • Financial Assistance Form - please see the Funding Opportunities page

  • DofE Combined Medical and Consent Form - a model form for groups without their own specific version

  • DofE Incident-Accident Form - this form must be used to report to the DofE details of incidents or near-misses that occur during the course of a DofE activity:

    • Serious Injury

    • Fatality

    • Mountain Rescue Call Out

    • Minor injuries (requiring visit to GP or hospitalisation)

    • Conflict with landowners or other members of the public

    • Near Miss situations (these often get reported back by participants to parents, which triggers a concern)

If your group is operating under its licence, please also notify the Oxfordshire Open Award DofE Manager.

Please inform the webmaster if any of the links are broken, or if any forms are out of date.